Opiod Crisis – Arlington Community Forum Meeting

“It Stops here – Ending Wellbutrin (Bupropion) in our Community”

This evening I attended drug addiction awareness meeting in Arlington Townhall. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan did a great job in coordinating this meeting to educate the community. There were approximately 100 people in attendance all with the same goal – to have our town and schools drug free and safe, to educate  more facilities in Arlington to help people in recovery, to work together as a community with existing services, to offer education and prevention and to lobby politicians to make changes to existing laws.We live in one of the most beautiful towns in the country, however, within our community an ugly and dangerous world of drugs exists.


Fatal overdose statistics were disturbing. As of Oct 12, 201, there have been 153 deaths in Middlesex county alone. Of that, 116 have been attributed to heroin. Death rate has been increasing over the last 4 years with 145 deaths in 2014, 80 in 2013 and 65 in 2012.


As a dentist and as a parent, I believe that we all have a role to play to combat the drug problems that plague our community.


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