Your child’s first visit to dentist

Baby teeth are just as important as permanent or adult teeth. When babies are born, they usually have 20 primary teeth that have partly formed inside the gums.The front two upper and lower teeth usually begin to buy xeloda the child is between six and twelve months old. Most children have a set of 20 primary teeth in their mouth by age 3.

Tooth decay can occur as soon as your child first teeth erupts. Decay in primary teeth could mean higher risk of decay in the permanent teeth. And if the decay is severe, it can harm the child’s overall health.

Protect your child’s teeth by starting dental check up early. The American Dental Association and AAPD says that first dental visit should occur within 6 months after the baby’s first teeth appear, but not later than the child’s first birthday. It is  best to meet the dentist when your child is having no dental problems. Do not wait until an emergency comes up.

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